Farm and Ranch Marketing

Farm and Ranch Marketing
Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina is one of North Carolina’s premier brokerage and marketing platforms for farm and ranch properties. We believe that every piece of property, estate, or luxury home holds a different story and it’s our specialty in revealing this uniqueness of your property listing to your potential buyer.

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7 Tips to Consider Before You Set Your Price

If you’re planning to sell your farm, ranch, or other luxury real estate, setting the price is one of the most important parts of the process. Setting it too high will result in few interested buyers and a lengthy selling process, setting it too low may mean that you take a loss. Contact Gardner Reynolds today for a CMA on your property at (919) 749-3177.
Before locking in a price for your ranch, farm, or other land listing, consider these factors to make sure that your sale has a positive return on investment:
  1. Determine the current land and farm market prices and reconcile those with your need to sell. If you’re looking for a quick sale, you may need to list your price below market rates.
  2. If your property needs upkeep, estimate the money that you will have to spend to make it presentable. Then, determine whether it’s worth it to you to do this work before selling it, or whether you are willing to reduce the price of your farm or land listing by this much.
  3. Are there any valuable items on your property that you will include in the sale? If so, determine and appraise their value and include these in your asking price. Be sure to also keep this information handy to explain to potential buyers.
  4.  Get inspection reports ready.  Remember to factor in the fees for obtaining these when setting the price at which you will sell your farm or ranch.
  5. Will you sell your property through a real estate broker? Contact us for a list on why to use a real estate broker that specializes in farms and land.
  6. Consider what materials might help you sell your farm, ranch, or land listing and what the cost of these will be. Whether you are selling your property yourself or working through a real estate broker, a small investment in professional marketing presentation can pay off in spades.
  7. Consider the tax implications of your selling price. Consult your tax professional before making any moves.
Keep these tips in mind to help you make an informed decision when setting the asking price for your farm, ranch, or land listing.
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