NC Christmas Trees

NC Christmas Trees

We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday full of turkey and the rest! Like most of us we now turn our attention to the Christmas season and all the joy that comes with it. Now it is time to load the family up, pick out a tree to decorate all the while making new Christmas memories.

North Carolina is known for its Christmas tree industry, and the state is a major producer of Christmas trees in the United States. Our state has a long history of Christmas tree farming, and its diverse climate and geography make it suitable for growing a variety of tree species.

Here are some key points about Christmas tree production in North Carolina:

Major Christmas Tree Species: The most common Christmas tree species grown in North Carolina include Fraser fir, Eastern white pine, Virginia pine, and a variety of spruces such as Norway spruce and Colorado blue spruce. Among these, the Fraser fir is particularly popular and has become a signature Christmas tree for the state.

Fraser Fir: Fraser fir is a native tree to the Southern Appalachian region and is well-suited to the cool temperatures and high elevations found in parts of North Carolina. It is known for its attractive shape, dark green color, and strong needle retention, making it a favorite choice for many consumers.

Geographic Concentration: The majority of Christmas tree farms in North Carolina are concentrated in the western part of the state, especially in the mountainous areas. Counties such as Ashe, Avery, Alleghany, Watauga, and Mitchell are known for their high-quality Christmas trees.

Economic Impact: Christmas tree production is a significant agricultural industry in North Carolina, contributing both economically and culturally to the state. The industry provides income for many small and family-owned farms.

Harvesting and Sales: Christmas tree harvesting typically begins in late November and continues through mid-December. Many tree farms offer choose-and-cut services, allowing customers to visit the farm, select a tree, and have it cut fresh for them. There are also wholesale operations that supply trees to retailers. These farms contribute to both local economies and the holiday traditions of many families.

Industry Associations: The North Carolina Christmas Tree Association (NCCTA) is a key organization that represents Christmas tree growers in the state. It provides resources, information, and support for growers, as well as promotes the state's Christmas tree industry.

Environmental Considerations: Christmas tree farms contribute positively to the environment by providing habitat for wildlife, preventing soil erosion, and sequestering carbon. Additionally, many tree farms use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their cultivation.

Overall, North Carolina's Christmas tree industry plays a vital role in both the state's economy and the holiday traditions of families across the region and beyond. We hope you found this article beneficial and that you have a wonderful Christmas season.  

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