North Carolina Land for Sale

North Carolina Land for Sale
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Where to Look: Land for Sale in North Carolina, “The Goodliest Land”

Land for sale in North Carolina can be separated into three geographically distinct areas, the first being coastal plains (which are themselves divided into Outer Coastal Plains and Inner Coastal Plains); the Piedmont Plateau, a region situated between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Mountains; and the Appalachians and their gently rolling foothills.
The first, the Coastal Plains, are superb hunting and recreational land for those to whom duck hunting is more than a sport. In fact, it is a skill, and one that requires years of practice to perfect. Not to mention the excellent eating that a brace of ducks provides on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or simply a good meal during the week.
Even though the Piedmont is the most populated area of North Carolina, and agricultural land for sale in this area goes for premium prices, it is still possible to find small, rural landholdings of between one and seven acres at an affordable price. This is true in both North Carolina and Virginia land-for-sale opportunities, and few people realize that four acres is enough, if carefully cultivated, to provide sustenance to a family of four (I add this for those environmentalists/survivalists currently looking to buy agricultural land in North Carolina, which has a seven-month growing season and very moderate temperatures even in the dead of winter).
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North Carolina’s Coastal Plain includes Virginia and South Carolina, extending almost as far as Raleigh, the state capitol. Beyond Raleigh, the land rises, in most places so gradually it escapes the notice of drivers until they enter some definitive part of the Piedmont Plateau and sudden realize they are at or above 1,100 feet!
The coastal plains have some of the most extensive instances of biodiversity in the world, according to The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit conservation entity working around the world to protect fragile and critical habitat. These include the floodplain forests of the Roanoke River, the savannahs of the Green Swamp, the Sandhills (the Calloway Forest Preserve), Onslow Bight, and the Black River conservation duo of the Chowan Swamp and Nags Head.
Farther toward the Appalachian foothills, ranch land for sale in North Carolina and Virginia is relatively easy to find and affordable. The soil is good to excellent, the climate (as noted above) suitable to growing almost everything, including peaches (but largely in the coastal regions – and even that may move inland and northward during the next decade of global warming.
In this divide between high plains and mountains, buyers can also find extensive North Carolina timberland farms, which can be cultivated and the lumber sold through the state’s Forest Service agency; e.g., the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources, which insures a fair price for timber.

In the mountains, timberland is merely incidental to the marvelous fishing, hunting and nature-walks available. The swath of hunting land for sale in North Carolina runs the entire width of the Appalachians and includes some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery in the state.
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