Real Estate Marketing Tips

Real Estate Marketing Tips
Real estate marketing requires market knowledge, a little bit of investment, innovative marketing tactics, and motivation!
Here are some tips and tricks that will help ranch, land and farm owners (and real estate brokers alike) market their land listings and get a great price for them in the process.

Give it Your Best Shot

First, hire a real estate photography professional and have him capture life on your farm or ranch. This not only provides more value to potential buyers, it can also create competition among them. Likewise, hire a real estate video professional to capture your land in all its stunning glory.
The key is to hire a professional – someone who not only knows how to produce high quality video and real estate photography, but also how to properly stage the photos and videos so that buyers are hooked at first glance. This saves you time in closing because you pre-qualify showings: they’ve already seen some of the property and they liked what they saw.
Once you have your video and photos, it’s time to distribute them. Add them to your online ranch, farm, and land listings on Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina.
See for examples. Include photos and the URL for your video in printed marketing materials. And, be sure to add them to Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, and any other social media sites that you belong to. Let Legacy handle this for you!

Optimize for Success

If you don’t have a real estate website, but plan to sell more than one property or are a real estate broker, utilizing a professional website should be top priority. Consider hiring a Legacy Farms and Ranches real estate website developer and a real estate marketing agency to help you with this.

Spread the Word

The key to selling a ranch, or any property for that matter, is exposure and vision. The more people who see your ranch, farm and land listings the higher the chances are that one of them will be a potential buyer. It is now easier than ever to spread the word about your land listings. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Repair the obvious. Now may or may not be the time to replace the faucets and fixtures that are showing their age. People may love – or not appreciate – any “updates” you want to perform, so the best idea is to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Roll up your sleeves. Curb appeal is not just for the McMansion in town, it’s also for your farm operation. Schedule grass cuttings or barn muckings just before prime times for showings. (Know that showings can cancel at the last minute, and that you should aim for a schedule that supports the most likely times for showings. This is also the best time for photography and videography.
  • Create a story around your property. This will not only intrigue buyers, but it will also give your ranch, farm and land listings a viral opportunity for exposure. These real estate marketing videos are sure to expose your ranch, farm and land listings to buyers all over America.
Just remember that the key to making these tips work is to start with professional real estate broker team skilled in photography and video. These assets will be interesting to buyers regardless of how or where you reach them.
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