Sell Your Farm Faster (and Get More For It) with One Smart Strategy!

Sell Your Farm Faster (and Get More For It) with One Smart Strategy!
Are you in the market to sell your farm or ranch, but having a hard time attracting buyers who are willing to pay your asking price? Do you wish you had prospective buyers lined up and competing to purchase your farm or ranch?

If so, you are not alone. Despite a 6.4 percent increase in NC farm land values year over year, many land owners are struggling to sell their properties in this buyers’ market.

If you are among the thousands of NC land owners struggling to not only sell your property but actually get your asking price, there is hope. You see the key to selling your farm or ranch is being able to differentiate your listing from the thousands of competing listings.

Many land brokers and real estate professionals have already discovered a way to do just that. In fact, one recent survey reveals that just one addition to your listing can increase the perceived value of your farm or ranch by as much as 6 percent!

So, what is this magic bullet? The answer is video. But, we’re not talking about a do-it-yourself project. To achieve the benefits discussed in this article, the video must be done by someone skilled at not only video production, but also at showing off your farm or ranch’s best assets.

This type of video can be a bit pricey, but land brokers and real estate professionals agree that the results are well worth the expense.

Not only does recent survey data reveal that perceived value increases by as much as 6% for real estate listings which include video, but also that prospective buyers who viewed the videos were seven times more likely to visit the property advertised.

What’s more, the addition of a professional video to your farm or ranch listing is likely to help your property sell more quickly. In the same survey mentioned above, prospective buyers indicated that they believed properties with video would sell much more quickly.

And, as any marketing professional will tell you, when you introduce scarcity to your offer, prospective buyers are likely to make a decision more quickly.

Plus, for land owners seeking to sell their farm or ranch themselves without the benefit of a land broker, video has another advantage. Search engines love it. If your listing includes video, chances are that your web page advertising the property will appear higher in relevant search results.

So, if you want to get the most for your property while also speeding up a prospective buyer’s decision making process (and who doesn’t), make sure that your farm or ranch listing includes a professional video. Click here to see some examples of how video can jazz up your real estate listing.

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