Selling Your Farm to the Younger Generation

Selling Your Farm to the Younger Generation
Are you ready to sell your land and farm to the next generation of NC farmers so that you can enjoy your retirement years? If so, the way that you choose to advertise your NC land and farm for sale matters as much as the quality of your farm.
The age of the Internet has completely changed the way that investors buy and sell real estate, including NC land and farm properties. 85% of real estate searches begin online, so it’s critical that your real estate marketing efforts target online marketing channels like YouTube real estate channels and real estate websites.
But, simply putting your land listing on a real estate website isn’t enough. Today’s real estate buyer has a shorter attention span. That means that you have mere seconds to capture a potential buyer’s attention before he clicks off your farm or land listing and onto one of hundreds of others.
That is where professional real estate photography can help. Adding well-lit, properly staged photographs of your land and farm property to your land listing on a real estate website are an excellent way to capture immediate attention from potential buyers.
Another fact to keep in mind about today’s land and farm investors is that they have limited time and seek immediate gratification. A few pictures and a written description isn’t enough to prompt calls from this savvy generation of land and farm buyers.
To save time wasted by both you and potential buyers on buyers/properties that are not a proper fit and to meet the buyer’s need for immediate gratification, professional videos of your property should be included in your land listing.
The inclusion of online marketing channels in your real estate marketing strategy and professional real estate photography and video in your farm and land listings will not only showcase your property and attracts buyers, it can also increase how much potential buyers are willing to pay for your land and farm.
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