Smart Tips On Timberland And Farmland Acquisition

Smart Tips On Timberland And Farmland Acquisition

It is not surprising that today is perhaps one of the best times in history to acquire timberland, farmland and a wide variety of other recreational properties in North Carolina. In fact, NC timberland that is for sale is considered by many experts to be a rock-solid investment in today’s economy. That said one of the most important and most essential aspects of making a successful purchase in this regard is to research the various North Carolina timberland properties that are available on the market. This research will help to reveal any building limitations, legal constraints or other important information that a buyer of rural land in North Carolina should know about. In conjunction with an investor’s own personal research, the guidance and assistance of an experienced and dedicated land broker can also improve the likelihood of making a successful and rewarding purchase when it comes to NC timberlands.

Rural Land Can Be Sold At A Profit

Equally important is to take into account fair market value when sizing up forested land or recreational land that is sometimes referred to as timberland. For example, timber that is present on a tract of rural land can quite often be sold at a profit. This important fact must be considered when making an offer on this type of NC rural land. As a note, determining the value of land and the value of timber is considered to be two distinct and different processes. This is another reason why working with an experienced North Carolina rural land real estate agent makes smart financial sense. Especially when attempting to acquire this type of property. Getting into the specifics of tree measuring and tree selling can be complicated and chock-full of hazards. Those who are unfamiliar with this process may end up losing a substantial amount of money when attempting to sell timber.

Handled In A Delicate Manner

Another important notion when venturing into the North Carolina timberland market is that of tax considerations and overall timber valuation. Surprisingly, there are instances where the actual timber itself may be worth more than the value of the land. These complexities and other situations that arise associated with purchasing this type of rural land must be handled in a delicate manner. When sizing up forestry land for a potential buy-bid it is always recommended to keep the value of the property and the value of the timber completely separate. A stand alone timber analysis can be priceless in helping an investor make a more informed buying decision. This combined with standard “comps” for the immediate area in question can help real estate investors zero in on accurate and realistic actual market value.

Most Accurate Reading Possible On Land Metrics

Finally, investors in North Carolina timberland real estate must also take into account the actual costs associated with managing a property once it has been purchased. Everything from tax liabilities to timber management related expenses and insurance costs must be calculated in order to place and accurate bid on a piece of rural real estate in North Carolina. In most cases consulting with a forester is recommended as a way to get the most accurate reading possible on timber metrics. At the end of the day budget also plays a major role in acquiring this type of land. Eastern NC timberland for sale can offer incredible opportunities for those with a vision and the desire to make a profitable purchase. From Halifax to Vance and from Durham to Franklin as well as Nash and other regions of North Carolina, there are outstanding buying opportunities for those in search of profitable tracts of North Carolina rural timberland.

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