Take Advantage of Pleasant Late Fall and Early Winter Weather

Take Advantage of Pleasant Late Fall and Early Winter Weather
Even though our part of North Carolina is no stranger to some wild weather swings, late fall and early winter are typically pleasant enough to spend time outdoors enjoying the scenery and taking part in the state’s unique festivals and seasonal events.
That may not be the case this year, if we’re to believe the winter outlook published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in late October. We’ve already had a first taste of winter, and it won’t officially arrive for at least a couple of weeks.
Because prognostications invariably differ dramatically, we don’t hold too much store in the dire forecasts. In addition, there’s no doubt that snow on the ground can be pretty, particularly on the open fields and rolling hills of our area. But, although some sources say that much of the country will experience a warmer-than-average season, there are enough warnings about snow and colder temperatures coming to North Carolina to make us wonder if it’s time to lay in stores of firewood and stock up on essentials for getting through those “snow days”.
Even NOAA isn’t predicting a repeat of the “Snowzilla” of 2015-16, but weather forecasters confirm that a less forceful El Nino condition exists, so some snowfall than normal is not out of the question. In addition, the Farmer’s Almanac, which has a pretty good record when it comes to predicting the weather, warns that “frigid” days will arrive in mid-February and that winter this year will last beyond the calendar arrival of spring.
There’s not much to do about it — other than resolve to dress warmly, stay inside if necessary, and enjoy good food, family, friendships, and seasonal plans as much as possible.
Of course, there are plenty of things to do in North Carolina no matter what the weather. And the holiday season is filled with opportunities, whether you’re drawn to the mountains or the beach, lured by city life, or drawn to small-town celebrations.
Asheville, of course, is a prime destination for anyone who loves Christmas lights, spectacular gingerbread houses and all the finery and festivities that the 8,000-acre estate and 250-room Biltmore house can muster. It’s a feast for the spirit as well as the eyes, and it’s definitely worth a trip to take in its splendor, perhaps especially if there’s a dusting of snow on the ground!
Wintry, deserted beaches and windblown dunes may hold a similar appeal if you love seeing nature without the crowds. And there are some additional reasons to head to the shore if you want to experience Christmas in a different context. The Cape Fear Festival of Trees, from November 17 through January 3, 2019, will enchant adults and children alike!
Winter can also be the perfect time to shop for land if you’re in the market for a building site, forested acreage, a tract with hunting rights, or a rural location for a family compound. No matter what kind of weather this winter brings us, we at Legacy Farms are committed to serving discerning sellers and buyers of distinctive homes and properties. We are your go-to resource for beautiful land and homes, as well as unique business opportunities, in the central North Carolina region.

We hope your holidays are the best ever!



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