Triangle Pond Management

Triangle Pond Management
When “Go Jump In A Lake” Is A Good Thing
It’s a frosty January morning, and Sam Williams is half-buried in a duck blind at the end of a flooded man-made duck impoundment, watching his breath, waiting his turn at limiting out with pintails and woodies. With his dog at his side, he calls, tracks his prey across the sunrise-lit sky, and pulls. Down falls the duck, offshoots his retriever, and into the game bag goes the booty. The duck impoundment is the end result of his company’s work; he and his friends and clients are truly enjoying the fruits of his labor this morning in our beautiful Old North State.
At any other time of year, the story could be that Williams and his compadres are fishing in a man-made lake. A midsummer night’s dream for the angler, these lakes are perfectly formed to suit a landowner’s topography, professionally maintained, and – most importantly – stocked with fish. Both the lake and the fish again are just part of a day’s work for his team.

Williams, owner of Triangle Pond Management in Wake County, hardly stands still long enough to talk. I dropped by his office to see if I could catch him – no pun intended. I was curious as I drove up: instead of lots of work trucks, I saw swanky SUVs and small sedans. I was greeted by a small garden feature gurgling happily as I approached the front door. Inside, pictures of installations, big blue vats bubbling with baby fish, and clients talking to technicians.
Greeting me, Sam shared his work includes most of the central part of NC from the Raleigh/Triangle area to the Greensboro/Triad area and points all around. Water features and koi ponds are popular with city dwellers, while commercial and municipal clients hire Triangle Pond Management for its certified best management practices related to water retention/detention. Got geese? He has solutions for those Canadian geese to help reduce their numbers and maintain your healthy turf – and cleaner sidewalks. Need cleanup? Monthly services or custom scheduled work is just what the doctor ordered. They also provide and service floating aerators, provide inlet/outlet repair, clear embankments, and just about anything else related you might need.
Call or click Triangle Pond Management today: 919-398-3221. “Small enough to know you but big enough to serve you,” as they say, they promise your water will be wonderful with Triangle Pond Management. They might even invite you to go jump in that lake after all.

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